heal. transform. blossom.

Holly Burling

Whatever is given to you, have faith that it’s meant to teach you in some way – this brings you back to your source, your purpose in life. When the time comes, you will be able to resolve it and let it go. – Jeffrey Yuen

holly burlingWe are all capable of making major positive shifts in our lives at any time, regardless of the difficulties we have endured or are currently enduring. Past experiences do not have to dictate how your life unfolds; you have a choice – it simply requires opening up to new possibilities for your health. In your treatment, we will work together to bring awareness to your condition, deepening your understanding of how your emotions and patterns of being affect your current state of health. It is through awareness that profound healing and transformation occur. I provide a safe and supportive space that facilitates deep healing on all levels – physical, emotional, and spiritual. – Holly Burling


Holly Burling (MS, L.Ac. New York State Licensed)
Holly received a Master of Science degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the Swedish Institute in New York City, under the guidance of the internationally renowned Jeffrey Yuen, Taoist priest and Master of Chinese Medicine: 88th generation Taoist lineage, Jade Purity Sect. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Binghamton University.

She continues to study extensively with Mr. Yuen, taking courses in Advanced Acupuncture theory and technique, dietary therapy, herbs, Classical pulse diagnosis, pregnancy/post partum care, and disorders of the spirit.

Guided by her strong intuition and knowledge of Classical Chinese medicine, Holly seeks to reveal and understand the deeper issues at the root of physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances. She specializes in psychological acupuncture and trauma recovery, supporting patients who have experienced physical, emotional, or sexual trauma. Holly also has a special interest in addressing inherited family patterns: how unresolved issues in past generations can impact one’s current life and health.

The Healing Process


Listen to your life. See it for the fathomless mystery it is. In the boredom and pain of it, no less than in the excitement and gladness: touch, taste, smell your way to the holy and hidden heart of it, because in the last analysis all moments are key moments, and life itself is grace. – Frederick Buechner

Healing occurs from within, and is available to us at all times. Once you acknowledge this truth, your capacity for healing becomes unlimited. Healing is an invitation to look deeply within your self, bringing awareness to your attitudes and behaviors, to the choices you make that affect your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. As you gain insight and clarity, this enables you to begin making shifts toward a more balanced and sustainable way of life. Healing occurs as you acknowledge your own pain and suffering, and recognize experiences or aspects of yourself that you have suppressed or hidden.

Healing is about opening up to a new possibility for yourself by consciously choosing to shift your perception of your “illness.” By letting go of limiting mindsets and beliefs that you have created over time, and detaching from the “storyline” that you’ve set for your life, the possibility for positive change presents itself. Through self-exploration and inquiry your “illness” gives you the opportunity to understand and transform yourself at the deepest level. As you begin to surrender to yourself and heal yourself it becomes a great gift that you can give others. In Taoist Medicine, it is believed that as you heal yourself, you heal your family – both your ancestors and future generations.

Healing is more than the relief from or the absence of symptoms – it is about coming to a place of self-love and acceptance, and appreciating and embracing your life. According to Chinese Medicine, the Heart is where the spirit resides. When one is aligned with their spirit, the Heart is said to blossom, allowing you to access and embody your full potential, and to move through your life with a renewed sense of optimism, purpose, and joy.


“I went to Holly Burling for treatment of PTSD resulting from prolonged trauma during childhood.  Holly has a deep understanding of trauma. She provided me understanding of the reactions, fears, and attitudes I have as a result of my experiences. Her calmness and reassurance helped me through the challenges this work can at times present.  I have seen many shifts in myself and my life, some dramatic, others subtle.  Overall, I feel more whole, connected, serene, clear, and fearless.  Friends observe that I exude a new confidence.  No longer burdened by the past, I am able to live in the here and now. Holly listens with the full attention of her mind and heart.  She is generous of spirit, devoted and caring, and has exquisite intuition. She is a person of great integrity.  She is a healer in the truest sense.”
– Michael S./NY

“I am gratefully aware that one true blessing of surviving my near fatal accident is finding Holly. An incredibly skilled Classical Acupuncturist, Holly very quickly helped me to understand and heal the physical and emotional effects of my trauma while nourishing my entire being. She brings warmth, confidence, encouragement, integral enthusiasm and professionalism to each session; and I always feel safe and honored. Holly listens to me, she listens to my pulses, and with a nod to our reciprocal intuitiveness, she conceives and performs extraordinary acupuncture treatments. Holly’s suggestions for diet shifts and lifestyle fine-tuning are always effective. To me, the value of highly skilled Classical Acupuncturist, like Holly, is that she imparts a deeper, more precise, more holistic (body, mind, soul), more essential healing.  I leave each session empowered, knowing that my whole person just celebrated a new level of health.”
– Victoria Stahl, healing artist and manuscript editor/Middletown, CT

“I met Holly through a yoga studio in Brooklyn almost four years ago. Instantly, it became clear to me that she was an intuitive, gentle healer. Holly’s treatments are always greatly beneficial for recalibrating and grounding me. Her ability to access deep emotions through acupuncture and intuition continuously astounds me. She senses and sees things that I can’t access and provides a safe haven for exploring that depth. She gives me support and constructive advice to work on outside of the treatments and provides personalized dietary recommendations which are seasonally pertinent. I am so grateful to work with Holly and hope to continue for years to come.”                                                                         – Elise P. Church/ Artist/ Brooklyn NY

“Holly Burling’s acupuncture is life-changing. Three years ago I was struggling with infertility and the depression and fear that accompany it. Desperate for some sort of holistic approach that would both help relieve my anxiety and hopefully enable me to have children, Holly’s acupuncture achieved both.  Her approach was professional yet caring. I had never participated in any sort of “alternative” or Eastern medical treatment. Having gone to several doctors and clinics in New York City, I had all but given up hope. Holly eased my worries about the chance for me to have children. After just a few treatments, I felt so calm in mind, body and soul. Holly was so patient with me. I am so happy to say that I now have a beautiful baby girl. I will always feel indebted to Holly for the therapeutic support, physically and emotionally, that she showed me through her acupuncture treatments. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a positive, life-changing path towards happiness.”
– M.M./Sunnyside, NY

“I’m a connoisseur of healers and alternative medicine practitioners, having sought out the most renowned of them all over the world for decades (for both my own healing and simple curiosity). Holly is a rising star and shines among them all. I’ve seen her virtually weekly for 5 years now, and she’s helped me to resolve physical ailments of the moment as well as deeper seated energetic and emotional issues that were hindering my creativity. She’s supremely intuitive, warm, and gifted. Go see her.” –R.M./NYC

“Holly Burling is a truly gifted practitioner. As an acupuncturist myself, it is clear to me that she loves the medicine and knows it very well. I have seen Holly several times for health problems, both acute and chronic. Each and every time I have seen her I have left the treatment room feeling cared for, listened to, supported, and most importantly my condition deeply improved! I have seen her for straightforward pain symptoms as well as emotional upsets and the results I’ve experienced with Holly’s treatments have always been immediate. I highly recommend working with her.”
– Priya Ahuja, Acupuncturist/NYC

“Working with Holly has helped me tremendously both emotionally and physically. I originally started seeing her for chronic constipation and from her first treatment the healing process began. Holly has amazing intuition and goes deeply into the root of the difficulty you are having.”
– Dana G., LMT/New Jersey

“After a surgery to remove an ovarian cyst, I had another one growing. When I asked my gynecologist advice about what to do about it, he just shrugged, “If needed, we’ll just do another surgery.” That was not exactly the kind of answer I was expecting. I wanted to be proactive about my health, and get to the root of the problem, not wait passively until the next surgery. I also wanted to take care of my high level of cholesterol without the side effects of the miracle pills that doctors prescribe. Coincidently, a friend of mine recommended Classical Acupuncture to me. I was intrigued and seduced by this idea of a holistic approach. I met Holly Burling and it literally changed my life.

Holly Burling is a very caring and loving person who takes your well-being to heart. In each session she gave me dietary guidance. With the needles, she treated me at the deepest level. It was intense—energy fields were communicating from different parts of my body. I expelled lots of fluids: sweat, buckets of tears that were coming after flashbacks coming out of the blue.  Now, if you follow me, I came for an ovarian cyst and high cholesterol, but soon I realized I was deeply depressed. Bad memories resurfaced and I made peace with them. No new ovarian cyst emerged. Cholesterol was kept under an acceptable limit. But most of all, I regained the ability to focus on what is really important to me. New desires emerged. Literally after only one month of treatment I wanted to fly over the Grand Canyon in a helicopter. And I did it! Pretty good for someone who for the last years did not aspire to discover new places.

I do not really understand what happened, it was as if my body and my mind were alive again after years of being numb. My digestive system was totally changed, and all of a sudden I was regular. Everything was put into motion, organs and thoughts. I cannot express how grateful I am for all the benefits I got from my treatments.

So, if you are up to take an appointment for a particular reason, be ready to treat something much larger than you think! Yes, something that may transform your life.”
– Isabelle C., Teacher/Brooklyn

“The Winter Solstice Realignment Workshop was truly powerful.  The workshop enriched my mind, body and spirit with such a beautiful blend of acupuncture, archetypal meditation and communion.  Having this experience collectively as a group and on the day of the solstice was profound.  It’s one of those experiences that leaves an impression that you’ll carry with you always.”
– Alyssa G./NYC

“You have really tapped into something beautiful!  I attended the Winter Solstice Workshop—through guided meditation and acupuncture amongst a collective of like-minded individuals I immediately experienced changes on every level. From feeling more grounded to increased self-esteem, I was able to jump a distracting hurtle in my path easily and now feel much more balanced.  I will definitely be attending future events.”
– A.B./NYC

“Your Realignment Workshop was completely inspiring to me. I was not sure what to expect, I only knew that I was seeking to re-connect with myself. I came away from my time with you feeling more connected and uplifted. The guided meditation triggered some profound thoughts for me about what I wanted to leave behind and also what I want to move toward in the new year. And the acupuncture truly took me to another place. You are obviously on your own personal journey. Thank you for supporting others as we explore ours.”
– Kellie S./ NYC